Ormus Publishing is a privately owned, independent publishing company.  Put simply, we aim to promote independent art. By offering resources and services to independent authors aspiring to be published, we can collaborate to face the many challenges self-publishing can present. By focusing on each individual step, with you in the driver’s seat, we’ve streamlined the publication process to ensure your piece of art is put to market in a timely, artistic, and professional manner. Whether you require manuscript support, editing or formatting services, design input, ISBN information, marketing strategy, or simply need to work with someone to generate ideas, we are here for you.


Founded by Ormus Publishing 2017


Edit or Forget It

If you’ve written something to publish and you haven’t had an editor look at it for content accuracy, misspellings, punctuation, sentence structure, organization, tense, and overall tone and flow, you’re shooting yourself in the foot with a poisoned bullet.

Just One More Self-Publishing Checklist

On August 9th, 1996, a fire swept through the cabin, my summer residence at Camp Bauercrest in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Along with a guitar, clothing, computer, and many writings, my first completed novel went up in flames.