Take a look at the individual services Ormus Publishing is proud to offer!

The Alpha / Omega Package

Congratulations, you’ve written a book! Now, it’s time to get it published. Ormus Publishing will work with you through the entire process of bringing your piece of writing to publication. In short, you hand us your manuscript and we produce a professional publication to bring to market, whether electronic book, print version or both.

This package includes content and copy editing, as well as electronic and print formatting by our talented in-house editors. Cover art design and production is important and we’ll make sure your book looks as outstanding as the writing inside. We’ll work alongside you to guarantee that your interior content (copyright, acknowledgements, dedications, table of contents, author information, references, etc.) and exterior content (back cover and spine) turns your manuscript into a professional product.

Along with oversight of the overall design and production of your book, we’ll manage the assignation of ISBNs and barcodes (for both e-books and print publications), render copyright and legal due diligence, develop and implement a marketing strategy, design and produce a website, suggest distribution outlets, programs and materials, and assist with pricing and payment processing for your work.

The Finish Line Package

You hand us the completed manuscript (edited and formatted) and we assign ISBNs and barcodes, and publish your electronic book and/or print book. This package includes purchase and assignment of ISBNs and barcodes, set-up of accounts with print and electronic publishers/outlets, and marketing through Ormus Publishing.

The Complete Editor Package

You’ve written a masterpiece! But now what? The tedious process of editing and formatting begins. This is where we step in offering content, copy, and format editing to ensure your final product is error-free and audience-friendly. Our services are offered for content on a variety of platforms including manuscripts, websites, articles, social media forums, and more.

Perhaps you only require a second set of eyes or further input during your editing process. Ormus Publishing is happy to offer you the following customized editing services to assist you with polishing and refining your masterpiece.

Content Editor Package – This package includes content editing only. Our editors will comb through your document looking for the following:

  • Information accuracy,
  • Weaknesses or inconsistencies in tone, style, dialogue, plot and character development,
  • Flow and connection of the opening, climax and ending, as well as
  • Any legal/copyright/fair use issues.

Copy Editor Package – This package includes copy editing only. Our editing team will review your document for the following:

  • Corrections to grammar, punctuation, and tense,
  • Weaknesses in sentence and paragraph structure, and
  • Assurance of appropriate reading level for your audience.

Format Editor Package – This package includes format editing only to prepare your manuscript for publish. Whatever format or vendor you choose, we’ll help you format your book for electronic book, print book, or both. Our formatting services include the following:

  • Layout,
  • Font types and sizes,
  • Margins, spacing, and pagination, and
  • The overall look and feel of your manuscript.

The Cover Art and Design Package

We all know you can’t judge a book by its cover…but the market does! This package includes artwork design, content writing, formatting, and production of a professional cover. If you’ve designed a picture or photograph for your book, we’d love to help transform it into a cover wrap (the industry-savvy word for you front cover, back cover, and spine). Whether electronic or paperback, we’ll work by your side to produce a cover unique to your manuscript, transforming your writing into a final, ready-for-sale, masterpiece.

The ISBN / Barcode Acquisition Package

What else can Ormus Publishing do to bring your published product to the international marketplace? First, we’ll tag it with an International Standard Book Number or ISBN (a numeric identifier unique to your book that can be referenced across the globe) that is required for both print and electronic versions of your publication. Second, if your book will be offered in print, we’ll acquire an international barcode to appear on your book’s cover. Upon your publish date, your writing will take its place in the realm of literature with its own identification information, recognized across the globe.

The Website Design Package

The virtual world has taken us by storm! This is why Ormus Publishing encourages the implementation of a website and Facebook page to accompany the publication of your work. And we’ll help you do it! This package includes the design, development and implementation of a website for you, your publication, or your business. We can also work with you to design a Facebook page or provide guidance for the development process.

From content writing to site layout, and from hosting to search engine optimization (SEO) and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Work with our design experts to develop one of the most important marketing tools for your business: your website. We’ll ensure your writing or business makes it to market in a professional, informative, and engaging manner.

The Big Bad Wolf Marketing Package

Congratulations on publishing your manuscript! But that’s just the beginning. Now you have to tell the world! That’s where Ormus Publishing can help you identify your target market, establish a brand, and spread the reach and awareness of your product.

This package includes identifying the best marketing options for your publication’s genre and audience. We’ll assist in defining, implementing, and managing a marketing strategy, along with tracking and reporting of results. From here, we’ll help you design the best advertising campaign along with materials to support that campaign. This includes the development of a web presence, social media strategy, and other promotion opportunities for your publication.